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Life & Honorary Members

Life & Honorary Members 


Life Members                                    Honorary Members


Abrahamson, Bob   1963                    Fiske, Dwight

Brown, Dick            1966                     Gandin, Dan

Duval, Bill         1969                           Lawson, G. Tom

Fiarkoski, Joe      1964                        Lyford, Roland "Lefty

Gingras, Gerry   1965

Jasman, Charles     1962                    Minaert, Walter, Dr.

Loyzelle, Harry     1963                       Russell, Steve

Martel, Frank       1971                        Shaw, Bernie

McWilliam, Jim      1967                      Terry, Richard

Messier, Norm       1964                     Titus, Rod

Mitchell, Wade      1967                      Yando, Joseph

O'Brien, Joe          1973 

O'Neil, Howard      1962

Page, Burns          1969 

Schmidt, Stew       1962

Soderberg, Don      1962

Stevens, Bob        1974

Stewart, Dick       1964

Streeter, Fred      1962

Witalec, John       1969

Zehnacker, Dave    1973

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