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Educational Resources: Clinics, Classes, Videos

2016 NFHS Rules video http://www.nfhs.org/sports-resource-content/nfhs-nisoa-soccer-rules-changes-video-2016-17/

Northern Training Coordinators: Craig Iverson craigref113@yahoo. com and Steve Lunna slunna@comcast.net

Southern Training Coordinators: Gary Blodgett gblodg@comcast.net and Marty Adams martyadamsvt@gmail.com

Summer Soccer Games to Practice 3 Person Officiating 2016 in the South (Contact Gary B.)
Thurs. 6/23                Woodstock                6:00 PM                       Bethel
Tues. 6/28                  Hartford V                  6:00 PM                       Bethel
Thurs. 6/30                Hartford JV                6:00 PM                       White River Junction  Dothan Brook School  
Thurs. 7/7                  Rutland                      6:30 PM                       Bethel
Thurs. 7/14                Woodstock                6:00 PM                       Bethel
Thurs. 7/21                Rutland                      6:30 PM                       Rutland (Polo Fields)

New Officials Scrimmage  (2 Person)
Thurs. 7/28                Hartford V                  6:00 PM                       White River Junction  Dothan Brook School 
Clinics for New Soccer Officials.

Classroom instruction on Thursday, July 21st at 6:00 PM at the Ludlow Recreation Center.  $75 dollar fee ($25 of which covers NFHS insurance). Follow up scrimmage clinic on July 28th at 6:00 Hartford (Dothan Brook School). Contact Gary Blodgett gblodg@comcast.net.

Aug. 27 at Bethel, VT

Time 9:00 to 4:00 with a lunch break.  Being held at Whitcomb High School.  Contact Gary Blodgett  gblodg@comcast.net

AUGUST 26         Peoples Academy, Morrisville, Vermont.    1:00 – 6:30

Clinician:              Frank Martel:   Vermont Soccer Offical Association official 45 years;  VSOA Assignor 28 years;  NCAA soccer official 27 years.

About clinic:       This clinic is for anyone interested in learning how to officiate soccer in order to do games at the Elementary, Middle, or High School level , or who just want to improve their officiating skills.  Clinic consists of classroom work, refereeing a varsity boys scrimmage, and taking an online officiating test within 3 days after clinic.  Rulebooks will be sent upon receipt of $75 clinic fee ($25 for Liability Insurance) to study for online test and clinic.



NAME:       ­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­____________________________        ADDRESS:   ___________________________________

PHONE:     ____________________________                   EMAIL:        ___________________________________

PLEASE SEND $75 Registration fee made out to Frank Martel at this address:  ($25 is for liability insurance)   

**Remember to bring clothes to officiate scrimmage at 4:30.  

 Frank Martel

                                                                                                 1069 Berry Rd

                                                                                                  Richford, Vt 05476


Whitcomb High School, Bethel, VT. 9am-4pm includes classroom and on-field. $75 fee covers clinic, NFHS insurance, and first-year dues in VSOA. Contact Gary Blodgett  gblodg@comcast.net.


DSC (Diagonal System of Control or 3-man System) clinics available through Vermont USSF.

Below is the link to the Vermont Soccer Association Webpage for Referees.  On the page there are links to the dates they have available for recertification and certification courses with locations and how to register.
If VSOA members want to join the USSF Vermont referee group, they will have a couple of options. 
1.  If any VSOA member has been a USSF referee in the past 5 years then they can register to take a Recertification Course
2. If any VSOA member has never been a USSF referee or it's been longer than 5 years, then they will need to register to attend a Referee Grade 8 course.
If anyone has any questions, they can contact Steve Lunna slunna@comcast.net


Educational Websites.



Other websites that you might explore for training purposes: ussoccer.com/referees, fifa.com refereeing page, nisoa.com (has excellent video clips), Bigsoccer.com Referee Forum, soccerrefereeusa.com, and askasoccerreferee.com. Remember that these sites focus on FIFA Laws or NCAA rules.

The latest on DSC (3-man system) from US Soccer:



DSC Positioning

VSOA DSC Training Slides

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