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Scholarship Recipients



1976  Leslie O'Neil

1977  Greg Streeter

1978  Kirk Abrahamson

1979  Andy Gingras

1980  Bruce Stewart

1981  Bruce Schmidt

1982  Robert Stetzel

1983  Beth Russell

1984  Beth Titus

          Gina Witalec

1985  Michele Barrows

1986  No applicant

1987  Jacqueline Memoe

          Jason Miles

          Gina Witalec

          Greg Witalec

1988  Allison Kiehle

1989  Stacie Hurd

          Michael Stewart

1990  Katie Duval

1991  Lisa Sturtevant

          Paula Zehnacker

1992  Geri-Lynn Witalec

1993  Nicole Baker

1994  JK Werner

          DJ Zehnacker

1995  Kevin Kadish

1996  Tracy Sevens

1997  Michael Kadish

1998  Ryan Holton

1999  Erin Zehnacker

2000  Anna Henson

2001  Corey Holton

2002  Elise Henson

2003  Shawn Bullis

          Scott Bullis

2004  Austin Ranz

2005  Jeffrey Kamuda

2006  Jared Kinsler

2007  Jen Roach

           Emily West

2008  Adam Falco

2009  Nicole Sjoblom

2010  Katelyn Richardson

2011  Hanna Svec

2012  Noah Schmidt

2013  Megan Neet

          Wyatt Larose

          Anissa Hartmann

          Haleigh West

          Ashley Cook

2014  Michele Upham

2015  Lauren Marshia

           Merrill Woodruff

2016 Shania Lunna

          Victoria Svec



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