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 VSOA Board Meeting Minutes April 2018
-VSOA Board Mtg Minutes 11/7/18
-Annual Meeting Minutes August 2018
-VSOA Board Meeting Minutes 4/17
-VSOA Board Meeting Minutes 11/16
-Annual Meeting Minutes 8/13/16
-VSOA Annual Meeting Minutes 8/9/15
-Executive Board Meeting Minutes 7/8/15
-VSOA Executive Board Meeting Minutes 3/8/15
-VSOA Executive Board Meeting Minutes 11/2/14
-Executive Board Meeting Minutes 3/9/14
-VSOA Executive Board Meeting Minutes 11/3/13
-VSOA Annual Meeting Minutes 8/11/2013
-Executive Board Meeting 3/17/13 Minutes

VSOA Board Meeting Minutes April 2018

VSOA Spring Executive Board Meeting

April 29, 2018


Present: Dave Barra, Andy Gingras, Bruce Schmidt, Tom Cook, Joe Gonillo, and Gary (who observed, was allowed to comment, but did not vote)


Minutes of Last meeting



Bylaws Changes

Written draft amendments prepared by Bob Fletcher approved with amendments to allow Executive Board to determine the date of the annual meeting no later than its meeting the preceding fall and to remove all sections of the existing bylaws relating to the current rules interpreter position effective upon approval and changing 25 to 35 in the Life Members section. (Bruce moved, Tom seconded: passed unanimously)


Discussion regarding changing president and other board members terms tabled.


Discussion regarding moving the time/date of future meetings tabled.


Annual Meeting

Middlebury HS - Tom in charge of setting up


Mini clinics

Discussion re more videos and keeping the membership together for all presentations:

1) offside and new rules; 2)coach input; 3) game management with an emphasis on de-escalation - Tom in charge



Pre-meeting Duties and Tasks worksheet was discussed and duties assigned.


Fitness test changes

Board voted to continue to allow USSF and NISOA test result to count as VSOA test and to continue to offer hs physical test as in the past


Lifetime Memberships

Joe is to check effect of bylaw change on budget: how many are at 35 and how close are others?


Arbiter Statewide

Board discussed use of this system for all assigning.  Advantages include reducing differences geographically, increased uniformity, ease of use for members (esp those who are already on Arbiter for other sports and college soccer), potential to assign playoffs and finals, data tracking and assigning of assessors. Andy will send information to Gary and Frank and board will discuss again at next meeting.



Joe is exploring the possibility of allowing dues to be paid online.  Looks likely.


Sec/Treasurer report

Joe presented

Board approved spending up to $2500 for improved website (Bruce moved, Andy 2d, passed unanimously).


New business

Board considered new types of recognition for participants in finals: coins, key chains

Board discussed importance of mentors and mentees attending annual meeting

Board discussed adding names to the scholarships awarded ($1000 each) to recognize long-time contributions of a member.  Also discussed creating young/new referee award.





Secretary/Treasurer’s Report April 2018


Updating list……..

144 Active VSOA Officials on our roster as of this week.

151 in August of ‘17  

18 Inactive members listed

15 new/probationary members from last fall.  Adding to roster when they confirm

Retirees 5: Kixy Austin, Tom Hall, Doug Neet, Scott Ryan, Roshi Brooklyn

ALL dues paid dues for 2018.  Will begin collection in June hopefully with auto pay feature


Asking for help with website upgrading.  


Looking to limit directories mistakes.  Again asking officials to email me new, updated info now, asap before June deadline.  Sent out one email last week and getting some responses.


Committees for 2018

Fees and Dues: Bill Duval/Chair, Mark Paquette, Scott Slocum

Nominating: Dave Barra and Tom Cook

Grievance: Stan Blicharz (Chair), Matt Fitzgerald, Rick Desorda, Randy Dewey

Scholarship: Bruce Schmidt (Chair), Andy Aldrich

Examining/New Officials Clinics/Assessments: Craig Iverson (Chair), Frank Martel, Gary Blodgett, and Marty Adams


GC - for missed mtg

Discussion - what to do re officials who miss ALL fitness tests dates by annual mtg.

USSF and NISOA tests can count.


Annual Meeting update:

Our annual meeting date for 2018 – Saturday August 11th.

Location - Middlebury HS 9AM


August check-in; check-out smooth.

Would like to collect dues at check-in too


IRS holding up TDBank action.  

Registered VSOA as non-profit with VT State Attorney General’s office in Feb


VSOA polos and t-shirts - for us at annual mtg and for membership.

Breast Cancer organization with vendor, so we can purchase at mtg


$6912.65 in treasury as of 4/26/18

$6387.86 11/7/17


Pictures of finals’ referees emailed to me

Bill Duval ordering VSOA key chains for finals’ officials

Checking inventory re mugs and cups too


Submitted – 4/29/18 Joe Gonillo


VSOA Board Mtg Minutes 11/7/18

Annual Meeting Minutes August 2018

VSOA Board Meeting Minutes 4/17

VSOA Board Meeting Minutes 11/16

Annual Meeting Minutes 8/13/16



VSOA Annual Meeting Minutes 8/9/15

Executive Board Meeting Minutes 7/8/15

VSOA Executive Board Meeting Minutes 3/8/15

VSOA Executive Board Meeting Minutes 11/2/14


Executive Board Meeting Minutes 3/9/14

VSOA Executive Board Meeting Minutes 11/3/13

VSOA Annual Meeting Minutes 8/11/2013

Executive Board Meeting 3/17/13 Minutes

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